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Lipton Hot Tea

Lipton®: A History of Amazing Tea

Lipton® has always led the way for tea. From Sir Thomas Lipton’s innovative Lipton® tea estate, to his exciting marketing promotions, Lipton® stays one step ahead of the curve. Every drop of Lipton® tea comes from the best leaves on sustainable plantations. No matter what guests are after, their perfect Lipton® moment is waiting.

Today, Lipton® touches many parts of the world. Their tea is grown in estates in Kenya, Argentina and Sri Lanka, and they own tea estates in Kenya and Tanzania.

A Future Committed to Sustainability

Lipton® is working to ensure a better future for the environment, for workers and for their communities. They’ve been partnered with the Rainforest Alliance for over a decade.

  • They try to keep pesticides to a minimum on their tea farms to ensure natural crop management.
  • Reforestation efforts are improving biodiversity and replenishing tree varieties.
  • Ongoing training programs help maximize worker safety.

Plus Lipton® is packaged in a zero-landfill facility. The Lipton® Tea manufacturing plant in Suffolk, Virginia, is able to conserve tons of plastic, uses less oil, gas and electricity, and vastly reduces water usage.